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I help Startups save time and money by optimizing their People, Processes, & Technology.

How I help

You're busy starting your company and we're here to make sure that your internal operations are taken care of. We'll set up systems so that you can grow without worry.


Align Your Teams

Your departments can work together to achieve the same objectives if everyone knows what needs to be done.


Leverage Your Data

Data that is usually siloed in your different systems and make sure that the right information is accessible to everyone


Automate Processes

Use the latest no code tools and technology to use people when you need people and tech when you can automate.

Does this sound familiar?

I work with a lots of founders and entrepreneurs and I've come away with 2 main common threads:

  1. Founders spending far too much time on the mundane and not focusing enough on growing the business.
  2. They don't know what they don't know, when it comes to what is available and possible.

By examining the tools you are using to run your business, I routinely make a significant and immediate impact in a single action session. I'm not so much showing you what I can do as much as showing you what you can accomplish and how quickly we can achieve it.


"Greg was critical in helping us automate and operationalize our customer onboarding, activation and retention workflows. He's a true BizOps master, and his Action Sessions were exactly what we needed."

Zach F. Co-Founder @ GrowthMatch

Action Sessions

What I hear

  • My support team has no idea what the sales team sold them
  • I am spending far too much time on the day to day stuff
  • I signed up for <insert department software> but I don't think we're using it correctly
  • I'm not sure how to tell whether we're being successful or not.
  • I'm writing the same email over and over again
  • I'm pretty sure I need a development agency to build that tool out
  • I'm not sure if I chose the correct tools for how my team needs to run.

Impressions Made


"It became clear to me “you don’t know what you don’t know” and this is exactly what Greg helped with. I still feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of efficiencies and look forward to learning more as our business scales."

Viken D. Owner @ Argonautic Ventures

Action Sessions


"Greg came in, asked all the right questions, helped us make decisions, gave very candid, proactive and helpful feedback and wasn't afraid to push in areas we needed him to push in."

Laura S. COO @


How we can work together

Action Session(s)

This is for you if you are trying to learn what is possible, trying to get unstuck. We get on a Zoom call and dive in head first as you take me through a specific issue or an automation you'd like to complete.

  • Meeting: One Time 90 min Action Session
  • Format: Q&A, focusing on 1-2 focus topics
  • Investment: $500 (One time) or $1350 (3 Sessions)

On-Call BizOps

I am a BizOps resource for your business. You have a dedicated Ops professional that can help you strategize through your day to day opportunities.

  • Length: Minimum 3 months
  • Format: Weekly meetings and Zoom Calls
  • Regular Access: 9am - 5pm (PST) Mon-Fri via phone, text, email, & Slack
  • Investment: $3,650 /month

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